If we stated we have a 'mission', it would be to create design and build devices, services and tools to better aid humanity enjoy a productive life through the areas of our expression. Now that may sound a bit corny, but we intend to consistently contribute with innovation and solutions. This would be the intent of the name "Intrepid.".


Someone once said, "Vision is complete when what you see and feel on the inside of you is manifest in the world and everyone can touch it with their hands". We create all our projects in this manner. Our 'Insight' comes from a progressive passion to excel. Intrepid Labs, LLC. has awesome projects that will last for many years and are useful and effective in practical situations.

The A Team

We are a motivated sort of people who have a favorable and bright outlook now and going forward. Since we are wearing all of the Executive hats, we are looking forward to bringing in new team members to fill these important shoes in short order. We look forward to meeting and connecting with you soon.

D. James Jamison,

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Often called "The Mind" and is the driving force behind the creation and design of several projects Intrepid and DECO Invent offers to the world. He has over 36.9 combined years of experience in multiple areas of science including Quantum Physics, Electrical Engineering, Vortex Mathematics, Biology and Computer Technology. Favorite Movie: Dark City



Cornelia Hill,

President, Chief Operations Officer

Connie brings a winners attitude to the firm having several successful startups to her credit including http://www.wolfdreyer.de/, who is still in business to this day. Not only does she have many European contacts, she also proficient in English and German and has knowledge of Italian and French. She is rumored to have once sold a tree to the forest.   Favorite movie: Avatar.