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DECO Military Field Cup

The DECOInvent Company has designed a durable battery operated Field Cup for Military Operations. Put simply, we do not condone war. but we do have great respect for the men and women who serve the Country through the Military and if we can provide a way to help, we will. With this in mind, we wanted to provide a way for those in the field to be able to heat water in a way that minimizes their chances of being detected. The DECO Field Cup provides a way for soldiers to have a warm coffee or hot soup without the need for open fires or other heat sources. This provides an added level of cover as they see to their critical mission. If a soldier wants colds problem...3 to 5 seconds!

It can be taken on:

  • General Assignments
  • Deep Operations
  • Training Missions
  • Differing Terrains

For further information about the DECO Field Cup, click on Ask More Questions.