Keep It Cool

DECO Cold Chest

The DECO Cold chest was designed to work anywhere and anytime you want to have a picnic or go on an adventure involving food or drink. The DECO Chest freezes an internal jell which lines the entire chest within 3 t o 5 seconds. You may re-freeze the jell as you see fit. The DECO Chest has an 10-year battery to boot. Cold soda, juice, water or beer is a snap.Perishable foods like chicken, potato salad or BBQ ribs. no problem. Just think, no more going to the store just to get a bag of ice! Think of the time and money you will save. We expect the DECO Cold Chest to be one of our biggest successes.

Get Energized

DECO Bottle Warmer

Our COO has such love and appreciation for children, she came up with the idea of the bottle warmer for parents on the go. We then went to work on making this practical. After research and consideration, we found a way. The warmer works by inserting a standard size bottle into the enclosure and in 3 to 5 seconds the beverage, usually milk, is at the perfect temperature every time. The warmer is portable and operates by battery. A very neat product for our beautiful children. Awesome!