Consitent Temperature

Efficiency Construction

We designed and constructed a multi-layered wall for the Home and Construction Industry. We built this technology into an apartment room with great success. The room is also sound prohibiting. Music at 90 decibels inside could barely be heard 2 feet from the outer wall in a normal family environment. The mean temperature of the room did not vary more than 2 degrees C in one year of observation.

Temet Nocse

Alexandria II

We saw the need to provide an updated scientific database with all available information on Quantum Physics. Current accepted models are found to be incomplete by clutching to the Einstein/Newtonian view. Einstein did not 'believe' in Quantum Physics. This stance makes it most difficult to effect needed change. There are nearly 1000 contributing editors providing some rather hard-to-get information due to lack of exposure and fair consideration.

Kinder Krankenhaus

Children's Hospital

This is a project the world has never seen before! We dedicate this non-profit hospital to solving severe health issues facing children today. This 9 story structure was designed using all information available about healthy spaces and function. We take an 'integrated' approach to the tenets of health by merging and applying ALL of the Sciences. Health is no longer a separate 'physical' thing. This is a magical place where children are #1 and the!

Get Energized

Water Energizer

In 1992 we discovered a technique for increasing the inherent energy in H20. At that time, we human tested the effect with good success. People that did not like water did like this water. When you drink it, you feel a 'fizz' as you swallow. This 'fizz' is purely energetic. There is no gas accompanied by same. We are now ready to finish this project after we quantify the 1/2L marker to determine shelf life. The output can be either municipal or commercial.

Gravity Speakers

Sometimes discovery comes in a cross-platform way. The Gravity Speakers have one diaphragm disbursing the entire sound spectrum from 20 to 20 kHz. Sound is delivered with no harmonic or phase distortion. The speaker diaphragm is suspended in air. The efficiency is calculated at 92 db SPL with a one watt input in an anechoic chamber. The speaker is capable of traveling in excess of 50 cm peak to peak.

Diagnose in 3d

ReEvolution Razor

We designed ReEvolution for people who break out when they shave. The technical term is contact dermatitis. The skin gets irritated because it "thinks" it has been invaded by an antigen. 25% of the world's population suffers from this. With ReEvolution, you can now wet shave with no side effects and your skin will 'rebound' faster. The YouTube video is here. With our technology, you can now shave as often as you like in comfort.