Bio3D Imager

The Bio3D Imager was designed with Doctors and Patients in mind. We are still using X-ray and other bio-destructive methods just to get a diagnosis! Our approach recognizes the body is a cell, and all cells communicate efficiently with the environment. We can now have a real-time look at any body process thus reducing a considerable amount of time between diagnosis and treatment.

Our approach reduces the processing time for all patients. There will be "no more mis-diagnosis" as the real-time images on the projector pad represents the body and all of its functions with practically no delay. Doctors, nurses and students from every discipline are now able to observe the body in a way never before available.

Teaching is immediate. Images and information can be sent to any location on the planet with no more than a .0045% resolution degradation of any vital information. Specialist in any country can be consulted on the toughest cases quickly with full resolve. We came to this knowledge as we developed the ReEvolution Razor. We were observing the basal cells in the dermis reacting with no time-delay to invaders anywhere on the surface of the epidermis.

The applications are practically endless with the Bio3D Imager.

Stay tuned for the You Tube videos soon.